What's Key?

We partner with our clients in their journey towards establishing, maintaining and improving on their management systems. We assist with the following:

  • Develop compliance checklist as per business requirements.
  • Assigning accountability and responsibility.
  • Provide assessments, audits and training interventions.
  • Reporting and certification.

Training, audits & certifications.

Addressed either through implementation interventions, training held onsite or off-site, or through audits (either as internal or external engagements).

All our efforts are guided not only by an organisation appetite to improve, but in ensuring strict alignment to the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Training :: Audits :: Certifications

Information Managent

Help organisations keep information assets operating in a reliable andsecure.

Road Traffic Safety

Prevent avoidable death and serious injury across the road traffic system.

Medical Devices

Quality management systems for medical devices.

Occupational Health & Safety

Improve environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.


Achieve high efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and motivate top management.


Identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues.

Food safety

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Better manage energy use, thus improving productivity.