It's really simple.

Corporate governance generates great value for the organisation.

What is

Corporate Governance?

This is is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which an organisation is controlled and directed.

At Acqumen, we assist organisations to have:

  • Proper governance structures, authority, responsibility & accountability.
  • Adequate business performance reporting.
  • Policy management, documentation & communication.
  • Board compliance capabilities

Some interesting facts...




Chief Audit Executives surveyed


Drop in overall ranking of ethics, compliance and assurance


Drop in those that believe ethics is integral to the workplace


Have necessary human resources to effectively execute strategy


Audit executives at state owned companies have adequate process for identifying and managing risks."


Company very eager to improve the stats. Acqumen.

Planning, execution, and reporting

We help manage expectations of key stakeholders such as the board, C-suite, and business unit management.

Determining whether strong corporate governance practices are in place entails taking a hard look at big-ticket issues such as the board's and the executives' roles and practices, how leadership sets and agrees on strategy, how that strategy translates into overall action plans, how those plans are managed, and how progress is measured against goals. Performing this analysis has enormous advantages.