Outsourcing is a business reality and an imperative that allows companies worldwide to adapt to uncertainties and risks associated with various business operations. This can be achieved by a simple acquisition of specialised skills for a short-term requirement from a service provider, to long-term arrangements for service provision via a business partner.

IT Outsource

To ensure success of all of our outsource service offerings, we give great focus to ensuring that our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) drive a partnering arrangements that emphasises on levels of performance that empower your business. Monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reported on to evaluate the service delivered. Where adjustments need to be made, these are communicated in regular feedback meetings or ad hoc communication mechanisms.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) shares great commonalities with our co-sourcing initiative. Both have the focus on providing specialist skills in order to augment your client's staff complement. In addition to us bring the best people to your organisation, in BPO we undertake to take ownership and complete management of specified business processes. Once more, these are also key processes in your company’s value chain that fall within the ambits of ICT.


Co-sourcing has its strengths in augmenting your client's staff complement for specialist skills. The skills that we are focused on in co-sourcing partnerships are those that are solely in the areas of ICT.


Acqumen’s Business Process Modelling and Re-engineering (BPM&R) offering is concerned primarily with defining the consistent execution of work from the high-level value chain through to granular task execution. Secondly, BPM&R addresses process optimisation and assurance activities for the optimisation of work.

Change Management

Acqumen provides CM specialists that facilitate the organisation’s transition towards its desired state of productivity, adaptability, and effectiveness. This transition can be informed by a number of change drivers ranging from the organisation’s internal and external environment, change in strategic direction, competition, or technological advances amongst others. Our CM specialists help identify the key attitudes, behaviours, values, strategies, procedures, and structures that are influential to the success of the change process.

Project & Program Management

Project and Program Management (PPM) is concerned primarily with the completion of projects within agreed time, budget, as well as scope and quality parameters (also referred to as the triple constraint). PPM normally refers to structured interventions that are undertaken as part of a change process to work towards desired organisational objectives. These interventions can be at various levels of complexity at both project and more so at program level.